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Intercom, Video and Access Control

Selecting the right communication systems for your specific needs can be a challenging task. Prodar Inc. has experience with some of the most advanced VoIP communication systems on the market today.

Speed, reliability and system integration capability are just some of the critical elements in selecting the right communication system. Whether it's a control room intercom solution or a campus-wide mass notification system, Prodar Inc. has the experience to design, install and service the right solution for you.


Prodar represents a wide range of industry leaders to meet any needs.

Prodar Inc. partners with some of the most reliable, quality paging and intercom vendors in the industry. Systems span a wide array of flexible and high performance solutions from small single zone to large multi-zone complex enterprise environments.

Prodar Inc. is a value-creating partner with the unique knowledge to deliver a wide range of standalone or integrated communication systems and services. These include but are not limited to mass notification, two-way communication, paging, intercom, sound reinforcement, hearing assist and clock systems. We begin by offering the best solutions, applications and strategies available. We then ensure that these best-in-class technologies are tightly integrated into a comprehensive, cost effective system that meets today's requirements, while keeping an eye to the future. The Prodar Inc. team will oversee the entire configuration, installation and testing phases of the project, and then provide ongoing support and service to deliver peace of mind.

Paging and Intercom Systems

Mission Critical Communications

Developed by the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials-International (APCO), Project 25 (P25) is a suite of standards for North American digital radio communications for federal, state and local public safety organizations and utilities, allowing for interoperable multi-agency communications during emergency situations

We provide a wide variety of mission-critical communication solutions—including mobile and portable radios—to industry, federal, state and local government agencies. With several decades of focus in mission-critical systems, our experience shows in our many innovative communication platforms and first-of-kind successes:

• XL-200P first full-spectrum, LTE-ready multiband radio

• First manufacturer to deploy fully virtualized and redundant LMR network core

• First to demonstrate Band 14 deployable public safety mobile broadband solution via satellite

• First P25-based Push-to-Talk application over broadband

BeOn® Mobile Application

Public safety agencies and utility companies rely on their Land Mobile Radios’ Push-to-Talk (PTT) capabilities as a primary means for transmitting mission-critical voice communications. BeOn is an application that extends the capabilities of your LMR network to smartphones, tablets and PCs—providing PTT communications far beyond the boundaries of regional radio systems, and opening up affordable PTT communications to new user groups.