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Providing a safe and secure learning environment has become increasingly challenging. Being asked to do more with less has become the norm as capital and operating budgets continue to be reduced. As operating costs increase and your infrastructure continues to age, it is increasingly important to be able to leverage and maintain your existing systems to protect your students, staff, visitors and assets.

Prodar Inc. can assist you in conducting a vulnerability analysis and work with you on a long term plan to mitigate identified risks. Contact a Prodar Inc. representative today to learn how we can help you create and maintain a safe and secure academic environment.


A quick description of the capabilities of Prodar to protect our children.

Prodar K12 Solutions


6 Basic steps to help schools determine what level of security do they need.

6 Steps Towards A Solution


Prodar is proud to partner with Versa to handle our construction projects along with valuable consulting services.

Prodars Partner in Construction