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Prodar Inc is a global provider of the industry's most advanced VTS/VTMIS, Port Security, Coastal Surveillance and Offshore systems, involving operator displays, radar transfer, transponders, databases and integration with existing systems. We offer a complete range of safety, security and cost efficiency solutions.

Why coastal authorities short-list Prodar:

   Most advanced operator workstations

   World-leading radar transfer technology

   Multi-Radar tracking technology

   Unique management and information systems database

   Unparalleled quality recording system

   UAIS, CCTV, RDF, comms, met/hydro and third party integration

Why coastal authorities choose Prodar:

   Before we offer any of the above, we listen.

In order for us to specify the right solution, we first need to understand your requirements.

We have a team of experienced professionals to help you to determine where your existing systems are fine and where you may benefit from the latest innovations and technology.


Prodar represents a wide range of industry leaders to meet any needs.

Radar/Sonar Systems