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- Engineering & Design

  Expert security design and implementation can prepare your organization for the rapidly changing threats in the global marketplace. With over 20 years' of security engineering experience, Prodar has established itself as a premier designer and engineer of complex, large-scale security systems.

- Startup & Commissioning

  Prodar plays an integral role in the system implementation process by providing project management and coordination between the client, project team and security integrator.

   Our engineers work so that systems are installed in accordance with contract documents to the highest industry standards.

- Project Management

   Our project management philosophy is to provide our project managers with the authority and resources necessary to take care of the customer.

    This strategy helps us understand our customers better, be more attentive to their needs, and establish a policy of cooperation to get projects completed in the most effective manner.

- Custom Software

  Prodar also owns and operates a custom software company and is more than capable of designing and implementing any custom solution you might need.

Custom Software

Factory Testing & Commissioning