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3D Floor Plans

At Prodar Inc., we don't just sell IP video cameras, we provide customers with enhanced situational awareness. We don't sell card access control, we ensure regulatory compliance.

For complex enterprise customers, providing fundamental systems integration of disparate building systems doesn't help them meet their corporate goals. Taking a holistic approach, Prodar Inc. works with our customers to understand their business processes, organizational structure, regulatory requirements and corporate goals. Teaming with them, we develop a strategy and implementation plan to align and integrate enterprise business processes and requirements with IT network applications and systems to help achieve their business goals. Prodar Inc.'s solutions enhance situational awareness, maintain regulatory compliance, strengthen business continuity and mitigate risk through metrics and reporting.

Improving safety and security, maintaining regulatory compliance, integrating systems core to your business and reducing costs are just a few of the challenges larger more complex enterprise customers face. Your Prodar Inc. enterprise account team will develop comprehensive solutions that combine advanced technologies with value-added professional services. As your single-source turnkey partner, we will help you achieve standardization, increase situational awareness, mitigate risk and maintain compliance across your enterprise.

PSIM and Software Programming

Prodar represents a wide range of industry leaders to meet any needs.

Building Management Programming