Our Quality Policy

\”In PRODAR SA de CV, we are committed to meet the expectations of our customers, providing electronic security services with professionalism and standards of the highest quality, with adherence to applicable regulations and established response times, with the support of our team and with the premise of continuous improvement as a guide \”


Our Mission

To provide optimal and profitable solutions in the area of security and electronic protection specialized in national security installations. Providing certainty and security in private and national assets, contributing in this way to the growth of the society that surrounds it.


Our Vision

To be internationally recognized as the best integrating company of automated security systems, seeking to be certified by international organizations as a company that works with quality at world standards.


Our Values

Quality We are convinced that working with methodology, efficiency in all our processes and international standards generates satisfaction, trust and loyalty in our customers, suppliers and collaborators.
Commitment It manifests with oneself and we show it with passion and professionalism towards our work, in the willingness to always give the best in all processes, always acting with responsibility and excellence. Generating results and exceptional benefits to our customers, suppliers and collaborators.
Confidentiality Before our clients, suppliers and collaborators, the protection, integrity and confidentiality of the information is guaranteed.
Safety The safety of our personnel and in the work environment is first and always, promoting safe practices, minimizing risks and taking care of the physical integrity applying our practice of zero accidents.
Leadership We develop leaders in all areas promoting collaboration, initiative and responsible decision-making, maximizing the capacities, talents and individual competences of their collaborators to achieve our mission.
Integrity We are upright, responsible, trustworthy, ethical and honest, resulting in transparency and total satisfaction.
Innovation We think that every process is perfectible; as a result of this ideology, we created and / or improved the business models, solutions and services regardless of breaking the paradigms, applying it to any level of our organization.