Logistics & Intermodal Transportation Security

The global economy runs on a network of manufacturers, wholesalers, specialty parts houses supported by logistics specialists and intermodal operations on a global scale all interdependent and yet interdependent in real time.

The temporary failure, short term suspension or prolonged loss of any part of this interdependent supply chain could bring the critical just in time parts delivery system upon which the global economy is based, to a halt. 

Maintaining a safe and efficient logistics security program by projecting an established and effective security presence at the port facility, distribution center or warehouse can reduce thefts of cargo and establish accountability for every cargo item, pallet, truck load, rail car load or containerized cargo container load shipped.

PRODAR security systems empower the client’s facility to document, verify and confirm every incoming or outgoing load of whatever size or type.  The electronic security systems may also aid in indentifying impaired drivers while the response is still in the hands of internally company directed assets.  PRODAR systems may also be utilized in support  of confirming that safe workplace practices are maintained and enforced.

A video management system (VMS) fostering a security presence in the warehouse or storage yard, supported by closed circuit television cameras, alarms, sensors and intercoms, monitored either at various locations on the site or afterhours in centralized command centers or by dedicated subcontracted collective monitoring centers, will provide  incident driven response capability, investigative data or forensic evidence.  Software is available which makes quick work of identifying those behaviors or practices which don’t match priorities supported by the company or the community.  

Specialized services to support the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT), traditional customs processes, high value assets intermodal exchange confirmation and vehicle, railcar or truck load tracking, integrity and delivery assurance are also available.

PRODAR provides distribution and logistics security systems for:

  • Trucking Companies Serving Intermodal Logistics Operations
  • Manufacturers with Freight & Shipping Operations
  • Air Freight Service Centers at Airports or at Centralized Distribution Facilities
  • Marine Freight, Break Bulk, Containerized Cargo or High Value Shipment Operations
  • Contract Warehouses & Distribution Centers
  • Telecommunication Centers
  • Freight Forwarders and Shipping Agents
  • International Shipments destined for Customs Procedures either  Domestically  or Overseas

PRODAR offers companies a wide range of logistics and transportation security services including:

  • Real-time Incident Reporting Systems
  • Yard Management Systems
  • Vulnerability Assessments Services to Various Methodologies
  • Crime Analysis Services and Data Analysis Programs
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection Systems, Peer Reviews of Existing Systems or Gap Analysis  Services
  • Access Control Systems
  • Site, Materials & Equipment Protection Systems and Services
  • Inventory Control Systems
  • Employee & Contractor Screening Systems and Services
  • Alarm Monitoring Systems
  • Communications, Command Center Control Systems (4CI)
  • Emergency Response Systems & Planning Services
  • Electronic Security Systems Integration
  • Parking Security, Monitoring & Enforcement Systems