Petrochemical & Chemical

The world is powered through the energy infrastructure which is fueled by the petrochemical and chemical industries.

Securing this critical infrastructure is vital to the global economy.  International, national, state and industry promulgated guidelines and standards (ISO, IMO, ASIS Intl., NFPA, API-NPRA, USCG, EPA, Dept. of Energy, CCPS, ACC, etc.) require development and implementation of comprehensive safety and security programs protecting the public, employees, contractors and involved assets in your workplace. To properly administer these programs, each programs mission must be support by state of the art electronic security systems designed with high order integration to operations systems, the IT infrastructure and fire response suppression equipment  which reports to the appropriate command center or remote operations facility facilitating a decision makers interface. 

Staying abreast of the relevant International, Federal, Department of Homeland Security, USCG Maritime NVIC or regulations as well as similar initiatives or industry guidelines and standards all while staying ahead of the dynamic nature of the emerging threats matrix is a challenge for the best informed clients.  PRODAR  is a responsible addition to the team protecting your petrochemical or chemical facility.  The systems deployed by PRODAR are designed and tasked to serve your organization to the standards or guidelines you determine are relevant for your business mission.   

High order integration to the 4CI standard, (Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence), lower order integration to the PSIM standard (Physical Security Information Management)  or a robust integrated video management, access control and alarm system are all among the continuum of options PRODAR is skilled at manifesting based on your company\’s customized requirements.   

PRODAR provides petrochemical security equipment and systems services for:

  • Petroleum Exploration Companies
  • Crude Oil & Natural Gas Production Companies
  • Refineries
  • Petroleum Product Manufacturers
  • Petroleum Product Transportation Companies
  • Petroleum Product Storage Facilities
  • Pipelines
  • Corporate HQs or Administrative Facilities, Storage and Preservation Facilities, Operations and Learning Centers
  • Field Production Operations Facilities

PRODAR  offers companies a wide range of petrochemical security services including:

  • Vulnerability Assessments Services to Various Methodologies
  • Crime Analysis Services and Data Analysis Programs
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection Systems, Peer Reviews of Existing Systems or Gap Analysis  Services
  • Access Control Systems
  • Site, Materials & Equipment Protection Systems and Services
  • Inventory Control Systems
  • Employee & Contractor Screening Systems and Services
  • Alarm Monitoring Systems
  • Communications, Command Center Control Systems (4CI)
  • Emergency Response Systems & Planning Services
  • Electronic Security Systems Integration
  • Parking Security, Monitoring & Enforcement Systems